I use a trauma informed approach drawing from the latest thinking of leading trauma experts. By tapping into current neuroscience and acknowledging the interconnectedness of mind and body, we can explore the ways in which your history and biology contribute to your unique lived experiences. 

I take an individualized approach to counselling, seeing each person as the beautiful human that they are. For many people, engaging in counselling is a radically courageous act. I recognize that everyone has strength and resilience within them and that by working together we can apply these to current and future challenges.

Imagine within you there are well worn, familiar paths, your usual ways of approaching things, that end up in the same old place with the same old feelings. We can consider alternative directions and start to create new paths to help you get to the places that you would rather be. This work can be difficult at times, cutting through dense forests of past experiences, crossing deep ravines carved by rivers of emotions, but with a gentle guide to safely help you explore, it can be highly rewarding. You may find yourself in wonderful places you had never even dreamed of.


I incorporate elements from:

• Compassion Focused Therapy
• Solution Focused Therapy
• Mindfulness
• Attachment theory
• and Internal Family Systems (IFS) / parts work (Level 1 IFS training completed)

The goal is to help re-connect you with your inner resources, strengths and wisdom. In my counselling space there are no “negative” emotions or behaviours, they all have important messages to share. By paying attention, we can start to understand and see if there might be other options that could be more helpful and less harmful. As well as looking internally, we consider the valuable connections with our external world, such as family, friends, workplaces, and the various communities we are part of. 



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